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At MOMA, the Small Scale Big Change exhibition looks at the "radical pragmatism" of some architects as they work around the world in underserved communities and broaden the definition of sustainability.

Copenhagen, London, Paris, Washington D.C., Barcelona, Denver, Milan, Toulouse, Minneapolis, Toronto, Montreal, Portland (Oregon), Hangzhou, Shanghai, and Melbourne, to name a few, may be well ahead of us when it comes to a municipal bike-sharing program, but with continued advocacy by NYC's Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan, New York takes a big step toward becoming a genuinely bike-friendly place. More from the Times: City to Solicit Proposals on Bike Sharing. [Photo: Jorge Mario Jáuregui]

A couple of good sources for green holiday shopping: Treehugger's Holiday Gift Guide and the Guardian store. Pictured is the Living Ecosphere, $89.

It's been just over a year since the NYC °CoolRoofs program launched and the City has coated over a million square feet of rooftops with the reflective surface that reduces energy use, cooling costs and carbon emissions. Building owners are encouraged to follow suit.

We're supportive of the City's Green Infrastructure Plan, released in September. Its mission, to improve water quality by integrating green infrastructure, is a good one. However, as we have written (here and here), fracking in the Marcellus Shale poses catastrophic risk to the city and state's water supply and would undermine (figuratively and literally) the plan's intentions. We urge you to support the organizations fighting unregulated drilling by oil and gas companies, whose bland assurances that their practices are safe are at odds with the reality-based community. Some of the organziations include: NYH2O, Riverkeeper, and Environmental Advocates of NY.

You don't need to be a treehugger or a knitter of sweaters for trees to appreciate the arboreal beauties that enhance the five boroughs. To fill in the details, the free Trees Near You iPhone app.

LED lightbulb prices are dropping. Per Jetson Green: 60-Watt Equivalent LEDs for Below $40.

Finally, if you haven't checked out 350 Earth, a global climate art project ("large enough to be seen from space"), it's pretty wonderful.

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