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Greenpoint Manufacturing & Design

Antique restoration
Custom woodworking
Decorative painting
Glass and ceramics
Wood carving

These are only a few of the artisanal skills collected under one roof at the Greenpoint Manufacturing and Design Center, 1155 Manhattan Ave. Bklyn, 718.383.3935, It's a great resource, especially for woodworking (there are over two dozen woodworking shops). Carole Halle carved the wood frame pictured.

You'll also find Babette Holland metal pottery (lamps, mirrors, and vases), a jewelry maker, and many artists' studios. If you need a referral to one of Greenpoint's tenants, call the main number and they'll point you in the right direction.
We're not exactly the do-it-yourself type, but, for some inexplicable reason, we're completely addicted to the British DIY show "Changing Rooms" on BBC America. Part of that addiction has to be because of the angelic designer Linda Barker. You can buy Linda Barker's Trade Secrets and other "Changing Rooms" home makeover books at the BBC website:

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