arts 11.20.03

Greenwich Village Orchestra

Tickets to "Hairspray"? $100. Gabriel Garcia Marquez's new book? $26.95. Center parterre for "Salome" at the Met? $450. How's a piker supposed to get some culcha around here?

Maestro, please: The Greenwich Village Orchestra, (the GVO to its fans), was started in 1986 by a Juilliard grad to bring great classical music to audiences for close to radio-listening prices. Led by music director Barbara Yahr, the orchestra is comprised of volunteer players from all walks of life, ages 22-72, who have in common their love of making music. But if you're worried it's all going to sound like Lucy Ricardo playing "Glowworm", don't: standards here are virtually professional.

Ticket price? $10. Next concert: this Sunday, 11/23 at 3pm at the Washington Irving Auditorium, Irving Place [16th/17th]. They'll be performing Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev, and John Adams.

Now through November 23, Mix 17, the NY Lesbian and Gay Experimental Film and Video Festival, is at Anthology Film Archives, 32 2nd Ave [2nd] 212.742.8880. Check out "Holding Court," the hilarious women's professional tennis variety show, starring IrinaTrinaKarina Zalutskaya-Koukinova and Françoise de Quincampoix (it's a good time just saying their names out loud), two underappreciated doubles champions from the mid-1970s, on Saturday at 4pm.

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