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Hat Cleaning

Horace Weeks is the hat master at Peter & Irving, 36 W. 38th [5th/6th] 212.730.4369. The business has been around for over 70 years and Mr. Weeks has been there since the late 60s. Though he's semi-retired, somehow, he's still in the shop, making sure the company cleans, blocks, and restores straws and felts for women and men as well as they always have.

They can replace the inside leather band and put new bands on the outside. When we visited, Mr. Weeks was working on copying a straw hat in felt for one client, dyeing a man's gray hat for another, and restoring a top hat for a horse-carriage driver.

All work is done in the shop, which seems to contain the entire history of millinery in the hundreds of wooden hat blocks that sit on floor-to-ceiling shelves. Cleaning and blocking a regular man's hat is $45 (occasionally, it's more if the job is unusually complicated). You'll have your hat back in a week.

Mr. Weeks and Co. are such superb, old-world craftsmen, MUG thinks that if you don't own a hat, it's worth buying one just to have them clean it.
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