leisure 10.12.04

Haunted House

The call went out to artists and designers to create the scariest rooms ever, and the spookiness and creepiness will be open to the intrepid at the Halloween Adventure Haunted House, inhabiting the 9,000-square-foot ground floor of the Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center, 107 Suffolk [Rivington/Delancey] 212.946.2098.

Nearly 100 groups and individuals submitted plans, of which ten were selected. You won't find the usual Frankensteins, but ten rooms, some interactive, of fresh, creative chills and menace. So, a scary clown room, a poltergeist room, a murderous six-year-old room, a claustrophobia room, and other good stuff like that.

Timothy Haskell and Travis Stewart are the producers of this event, which starts October 21st and runs through Halloween, Thursdays through Saturdays, 7pm-midnight. Tickets are $20, $5 if you want a second round. This haunted house is fine for stalwart teens, but it's not really geared to children.
Our favorite place to buy creepy stuff: Obscura Antiques, 263 E. 10th [1st/A] 212.505.9251. They had a stuffed, two-headed calf once and it sold — for $3,000.

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