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The Shins will be playing Webster Hall on April 23 and 24. Tickets are supposed to go on sale this Wednesday, though it's possible they'll be held to the following Wednesday. But if you want to go, check here this week (or call the Mercury Lounge box office, 212.260.4700) for sure since this is going to be a quick sellout.

Ben Folds is at Town Hall on May 10. Check here or call 212.840.2824. His new CD, "Songs for Silverman" is in stores April 26.


You heard it here first: Cesare Casella, chef-owner of beloved Beppe, has started construction on his new restaurant. It's called Maremma, part of Tuscany that's something like Italy's version of the Wild West. The restaurant will be on West 10th between Bleecker and Hudson. Cesare will be serving Italian cowboy food…

Prices have gone up at four-star Per Se: menus now start at $175. Lunch this past Saturday for four: $1200. Count on Per Se to get anointed with three stars from Michelin when their New York book hits stores this November.


Jonathan Safran Foer is a sitting duck for dyspeptic bloggers, resentful authors, and various malcontents. And why not? Brilliant, hilarious, tender-hearted, and not yet 30, that's just too much for some of us to bear. The author of Everything is Illuminated and the just-published Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close will be reading at the 92nd St Y, with William T. Vollmann on April 4 at 8pm and at Barnes and Noble Union Square the next night at 7pm. By the way, the brief scene in his new book in which 9-year-old Oskar plays a game of association with his therapist is one of the funniest exchanges we've read in a very long time.

Most talked-about book this spring? Our money's on the new book by Kazuo Ishiguro, who wrote The Remains of the Day. His new work is Never Let Me Go.


Lily Rabe, daughter of Jill Clayburgh and David Rabe, kicking up the buzz for her performance as Annelle in the new production of "Steel Magnolias" at the Lyceum. Tickets.


Just about to buy a new Mac? You might want to wait until next month when Apple is expected to release Tiger, the upgrade to their operating system. You might as well get a machine with the new OS already installed. Word is that the new release will be available by the middle of April.

Bobby Short, 1924-2005. You're the top.

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