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Healthy Stuff

Last year we ran an article called Sweet Stuff in which we wrote about some of our favorite cupcakes, ice creams, cookies, and pies. A reader asked for a healthy version of same. It took us this long to come down off our sugar high, but here it is.

Angelica, 300 E. 12th [1st/2nd] 212.228.2909. Long-running East Village organic vegan eatery.
Better Burger, several locations. Emphasis on additive-free meat, organic fries, and no artificial ingredients.
Candle 79, two UES locations. Vegetarian cooking at the Candle Cafe on Third Avenue and its more stylish offshoot on East 79th Street.
Gobo, in the West Village and on the UES, makes some of the best, most fully-flavored vegan food in town.
Hangawi, 12 E. 32nd [5th/Mad] 212.213.0077. Korean vegetarian mountain food sounds grim, but the food vibrant and appealing, and the atmosphere is serenity now.
Josie's, on the UWS and in Murray Hill, is about 'healthier New American cuisine.'
The Pump, five locations. Popular purveyor of 'energy food.'
Pure Food and Wine, 54 Irving [17th/18th] 212.477.1010. The trajectory of Matthew Kenney's career as a chef may be puzzling to us, but his raw food restaurant has many fans.
Spring Street Natural, 62 Spring [Laf] 212.966.0290. Whole, natural foods are the staple of this old-timer. That it still packs them in (as it has since 1973) may prove that healthy food can increase a restaurant's longevity.

Fairway Upstairs, 2127 Bway [74th/75th] 212.595.1888
Greenmarkets Schedule and Locations (PDF)
Integral Yoga Natural Foods, 229 W. 13th [7th/8th] 212.243.2642
Whole Foods

4th Street Food Coop
Flatbush Food Coop
Park Slope Food Coop

Produce Delivery
Urban Organic

Meal Delivery
Lagusta's Luscious
New York Fork
Unfussy Food

Nutrition School
Institute for Integrative Nutrition, 3 E. 28th [5th/Mad] 212.730.5433

Cooking School
Natural Gourmet Institute, 48 W. 21st [5th/6th] 212.645.5170

One of the original forces behind Pure Food and Wine started One Lucky Duck last year. The website sells food, clothing, and cosmetics for raw and organic lifestyles.

Slow Food USA. Coming up: Tibetan Yak Cheese Week!

On Organic Food
This week's New Yorker has an article by Steven Shapin called "Paradise Sold" that delves into the not-necessarily-Arcadian world of organic foods.

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