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As we do once a semester or so, MUG is asking you to help a NYC classroom through DonorsChoose. Today's goal, a modest one of $481, can have a major impact on the lives of NYC students. Here's the request from the teacher, Ms. S.:

My students come from a low-income community and the entire school receives 100% free lunch. The students in my school are passionate about reading and learning, but do not have the resources to support this motivation. I want to create an environment where they could have these resources to learn.

The school I teach at is in the inner city. It is a high need school. My students face the challenge of not having books at home to read and support their desire to learn. I need a strong literacy center to provide the space that my students need to explore reading on a daily basis.

My Project: My students will be able to pick books at their reading level and read on a daily basis. They will know what level they are and what level of reading they are reaching to go up to. By clearly seeing the reading levels and books that associate with the levels, this leveled library will help reach their reading goals.

I would greatly appreciate this leveled library for my students. I am worried about not having enough literature for them. I will take extremely good care of it and will use it for the years to come.


In part thanks to your generosity, every child for the First Day New York 2010 drive has a sponsor! They still need, though, donations for their school supply fund.

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