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Help Stock NYC School Bookshelves

Books! Books! Books! We Need Books Badly!
"My students are truly amazing. They come from a very low income housing project. They are always excited to come to school and learn. Many of them come to us from broken homes. Many have a parent that is incarcerated currently. My students come to me from foster homes as well as homeless shelters. The majority of my students are being raised by a single parent and in many instances it is a grandparent that is raising them. In spite of all this, the students are always excited and eager to learn. My students would truly enjoy having interesting non-fiction as well as fiction books to read. Books are the key to my students success and I have made it my mission as their teacher to help them build home libraries and class libraries. I want them to always have access to books that appeal to them."
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Learning to Love Reading
"I teach ELA to a self-contained class at a high poverty school in the South Bronx. My students struggle with reading. They are not at grade level and the books that they can actually read do not interest them. Reading workshop is a struggle for them especially when it comes to reading independently. I would like to be able to continue changing their outlook on reading by doing more guided readings as a class. In order to do this I would need to have whole class sets of particular texts…"
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We Are Bookworms Without Books!
"My students love to read. They cherish books and take very good care of them. At school there are books to read however at home there are not many. Our classroom does not always have the types of books my students like to read. My students need a variety of non-fiction books on various types of animals. They need some of the books in the Judy Blume, Roald Dahl and Jerry Spinelli collection."
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Visualizing Shakespeare
"My students are in 7th and 8th grade. Our school is considered gifted and talented for math, science, and technology but reading and writing skills are just as valuable. In order to bring Shakespeare to life in my classroom I rely on graphic novel and audio versions of the plays to supplement my teaching. My students are already hooked on reading graphic novels independently, so this will make reading Shakespeare in class much more enticing and appealing to them."
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