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Dear MUG reader,

As a New Yorker, you may occasionally be surprised to hear that there are other "cities" where other people are said to "live."

I've been writing about New York since 1992 and I've heard those rumors but I've never visited a place that beats New York.

When I started MUG (publishing on three-hole-punched paper once a month), it was because getting good info–really reliable info—about New York was limited to a few tried-and-true outlets. There was room for more voices and I hoped that MUG could become one of them.

In the years since then, a lot has changed. Now there are all kinds of New York resources (many of them very good). But these days, the problem is on the other end of the spectrum: there's so much information about New York that it can be hard to know what's reliable.

What hasn't changed is MUG's commitment to providing independent, quality research and writing—informed now by many years of experience. And neither has our love for this amazing city.

We have, though, changed our business model. On paper, we were by subscription only. Until recently, we were advertiser-supported. Now we're entirely reader supported. While it would be nice to say donations just roll in all the time, that's not the case. That's why each and every contribution, your contribution, is so important to us.

If you've already donated to MUG in 2014, by all means sit this one out. But if you haven't, please support MUG at one of these levels:

Loyal Supporter: $5
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or consider a small recurring payment.

Thank you so much in advance for your support.

Charlie Suisman

Times Square (from 2012)

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