intersection 03.13.17

High and Low

Page after page of gorgeous gowns and accessories are featured in High Style: Masterworks from the Brooklyn Museum Costume Collection, now at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

High Tea for decoupaged lovebirds and their friends, by John Derian. $72

A signed lithograph, High and Low by illustrator Adrian Tomine, is $50.

Laying Low ($55) is the stylin' hemp/cotton fedora by Gooring Bros.

High ball ($85) or low ball ($70), have a ball with this pair of copper-detailed glasses from Michele Varian.

From bloom high chairs, babies can throw Cheerios in high style.

Highlighters from the Cooper-Hewitt, $9.99.

Atomic Printworks' Deepest Trenches poster ($36). At 7 miles down, the Mariana Trench is the planet's deepest point.

In the build-a-better-mousetrap vein, The High Knife is
a Swiss Army-type knife with some additional paraphernalia: a pipe, pipe sleeve, and a roach clip. $39.

In the countryside, people like to bring nature indoors. In the city, we like to bring the subway in. High Street Station is $38 in vinyl.

A Star of the Morning print by Nicholas Roerich ($20).

Winslow Homer's High Tide in NYC (1870), printed from a wood engraving, is $525.

High Spirits, based on Noel Coward's Blithe Spirit, starring Beatrice Lillie and Tammy Grimes, opened on Broadway in 1964. Triton sells a repro of the window card for $75.

High crimes and misdemeanors: Why Was Andrew Johnson Impeached?

Get on the low and high balance beams at 92Y's Gymnastics Studio in the Sky.

From Above, an artwork in stained glass by Nancy Nicholson, is $1200.


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