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As we do several times a year, a roundup of some highlights since…well, since our last roundup. And please note in the On the Radar section a few words about our upcoming publishing schedule.

We put together a playlist of tunes that, to our ears, provides the perfect New York soundtrack for a stroll. There's a little bit of everything here, just like the city itself.
A New York Soundtrack

And more about walking the city.

The best Upper West Side restaurants, with a new addition: the best sushi in the nabe.
Upper West Side

Add some purpose to your drinking.
Bar Game Nights

Here's the worst of MUG — people, places, and things that are stinkin' up the joint.
The Worst of MUG

A hail to the chief and a few bits of POTUS/NY trivia.

Some strategies to keep car rental prices down.
Rental Car Deals

You need chair or sofa upholstered? Our recommended upholsterers can do that, plus a whole lot more.

If Reflex Editions isn't a labor of love, we've never seen one. That's the name of a new classical music record label started by cellist Adam Grabois.
Reflex Editions

One of our favorite authors has a new book out. It's a fantastic read, and an unusual thing: a deeply felt page-turner.
John Searles

The beloved white box (now in colors, too).
Imagine Festival
Ian Jelinek, Associate Producer of the Imagine Festival '04, has an idea for New Yorkers looking for something to do during the RNC "other than cower, protest, or leave town." On now, Imagine is sponsoring over 200 events — concerts, performances, town meetings, discussing important issues and ideas of the day. The festival itself sounds like a great idea to us.

Bridal Seminar
You could spend every waking moment from the time you decide to get hitched to actually walking down the aisle driving yourself crazy as you try to work out the details of the big day. That's where The Bridal Seminar can help. This three-hour class, designed for brides and grooms, promises an "intimate and focused seminar where couples receive helpful advice from professional vendors and consultants." The first seminar takes place Tuesday, October 12th, 6:30pm, at Manhattan Penthouse, 80 5th [14th]. Tickets are $65 per person in advance. From the looks of it, the event will be helpful and fun, too.

More on Moving
Moving is one of the most stressful of life's activities and Americans do it, on average, every five years, according to The Infinite Mind. The radio show explores the psychological stresses, Loudon Wainwright III talks and sings on the subject, and John Hockenberry talks about his memories of moving. You can listen to the program on Real Audio and, if you're in the moving process, our advice is: don't leave home without a listen.

We're Outta Here
As you might have noticed, MUG has been publishing fitfully in the past two weeks. Even though it's August, we'll be spending the next couple of weeks in intensive technological therapy, so that after Labor Day, we'll be, with any luck, fully functioning and ready for the fall. So, no MUGs until then, but enjoy the rest of the summer and we'll see you in September.

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