leisure 10.3.03


As we do three times a year, we've gathered some of the highlights from the past four months.

Joe Rissin does superb work and he's quite a character, too.
Jewelry Repair

MUG does not endorse, approve of, or recommend use of any of the following, many of which are restricted or prohibited by U.S. law. (Well, that's not strictly true: we might approve of some of these, but we're certainly not going to reveal which ones.)
Forbidden Pleasures

A Mexican restaurant off to a promising start.

Who's the guy behind the gadget blog Gizmodo and, more important, what does he have in his apartment?
Gizmodo at Home

Some artists' websites worth knowing about.
7 New York artists' websites

Capture the wedding in watercolors.
Wedding Watercolors

New and hopping restaurants.
Restaurant Hot List

You won't get Hazel, but your apartment will get a good cleaning.
House Cleaning

An essay by Adam Gopnik.
The Bon Vivant

Highs and lows in hospitality.
The Best and Worst Hotels in NYC

Where to find man's (and woman's) best friend.
Pet Adoption

Catch a documentary in the making.
DocuClub In-the-Works
The much-anticipated new PDA/cellphone, the Treo 600, will apparently be released on October 13 by Sprint, with other carriers to follow. More phone-centric than previous Treos, it's also got Palm's OS 5, a web browser, and a digital camera. Looks like the gadget to beat this fall. More at
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