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Walter Kerr once wrote: "The real Carol Channing…shinier than her own anklets, bigger than her moist heart, may be the only creature extant who can live up to a Hirschfeld. Do you know what I mean by living up to a Hirschfeld? Hirschfeld always lives up to the people he draws, but the people he draws don't always live up to him. Don't explode in the same way, like new constellations doing tours jetés in the heavens…"

All we'd like to add is that since Mr. Hirschfeld's recent death, Sundays might just as well turn up as Tuesdays. Still, here are a few sources where the Line King yet lives.

Margo Feiden Galleries, 699 Madison [62nd/63rd] 677.5330, The mother lode for Hirschfeldiana. Drawings and prints.

At bookstores:
Hirschfeld's New York by Clare Bell, $15.95

Hirschfeld's Hollywood by David Leopold, $15.95

Hirschfeld On Line by Hirschfeld, $49.95

On Alibris (
Show Business is No Business by Hirschfeld, 1951, Hirschfeld's time capsule of the working world of the theatre.

The American Theatre as Seen by Hirschfeld, 1961, from $45

The World of Hirschfeld, 1970, from $345

Hirschfeld by Hirschfeld 1979 Book Club Edition, from $60

Hirschfeld: Art and Recollections from Eight Decades, 1991. From $235

The Line King, the 1996 documentary on Mr. Hirschfeld's life. Not on DVD.

An autographed copy of Hirschfeld by Hirschfeld is available at Argosy, 116 E. 59th [Park/Lex] 753.4455, for $250. The books is inscribed and includes a small drawing on the half-title.

Also, from Pawprint Books, 201.967.7306: Hirschfeld Folio 1964. Ten Loose Plates in Chemise. $1187.45
A private, unannounced concert on March 14th at the Knitting Factory: John Mayer will perform, a benefit for his Back to You Fund (which distributes money to health care, arts and educational organizations). Tickets were never on sale to the general public, but you can bid for a pair at
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