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Holiday Shopping

The last day of our team effort with Chocolate and Zucchini of Paris and Urban Junkies of London.

Five Holiday Shopping Resources
1. De Vera, 1 Crosby [Howard] 212.625.0838. Federico de Vera's unassailable aesthetic is reflected in every object found at his store. Italian glass, lacquerware, jewelry, and stuff you won't see everywhere (or almost anywhere) else—a late 18th century Mongolian bear made out of copper, maybe?

2. The two guys who make up KleinReid, James Klein and David Reid, design and produce porcelain vases, lamps, and candleholders in their Brooklyn studio and you'd be hard-pressed to find more attractive things being made in the borough. They have had a "design love affair" with Eva Zeisel reflected in their Eva line and in their new silk-screened prints.

3. Among the holiday markets that pop up around now, you'll find a high ratio of good stuff to total merch at two: the Holiday Shops at Bryant Park and the Grand Central Holiday Market.

4. When Corky Pollan was doing the Best Bets page at New York magazine, every week you could count on something shiny! (or brightly colored!) and most weeks you could count on something from Mxyplyzyk, 125 Greenwich Ave. [13th] 212.989.4300. Hard to argue with her, really. Mxyplyzyk is still one of the best places to snag a gift.

5. Other MUG suggestions: 19 Great Stores for Gifts, Shopping List Part 1, Shopping List Part 2

Paris Holiday Shopping at Chocolate and Zucchini

London Holiday Shopping at Urban Junkies

One of the many enticements to the Independent & Small Press Book Fair this Saturday (10-6) and Sunday (11-5) at the Small Press Center, 20 W. 44th [5th/6th], is an interview with Luc Sante, author of Low Life: Lures and Snares of Old New York (4pm on Saturday). Get the full rundown here.

Indie Rock
Tonight: Blood on the Wall at Maxwell's: These up-and-comers play swirling hooks with crunchy guitars to create an oddly wonderful world where everyone is happy drunk and the L train runs every two minutes. Saturday: Ted Leo & The Pharmacists at Webster Hall: When Ted's soaring tenor isn't belting out the money notes, and he's not brutally attacking the guitar, he's bopping his head and handclapping away, working his fans into a frenzy. Monday and Tuesday: Iron and Wine, Calexico and Webster Hall: Iron and Wine plays the prettiest acoustic finger-picked notes you can hope to hear. Their recent collaboration with Calexico makes for a unique show. Live, the bands will join together for a final set. 12/5 show, 12/6 show. Just Announced:1/14: Camper Van Beethoven at Bowery Ballroom, 1/14: Second Sufjan Stevens show added at Lincoln Center. 2/2: The National at Webster Hall (PLUG Awards ceremony). 3/23: Animal Collective at Webster Hall

An S.O.S. to dance fans: Fayard Nicholas needs your help. If you are a dance fan, you don't need to be told who he is. He's one of the two Nicholas Brothers, among the greatest tap dancers who ever lived. He and brother Harold made a name for themselves at the Cotton Club and then went on to dance in Hollywood musicals. Fayard suffered a stroke just before Thanksgiving and his Social Security and pension benefits are now woefully inadequate for his needs. An emergency relief fund has been set up and you can make a donation through PayPal online here.

Corrections:We look away for a minute and this is what happens—B & E Beverage, which we wrote about yesterday, has decamped from 23rd Street to someplace called Queens. Major drag…For our holiday events roundup, we described the neighborhood in Brooklyn where all the crazy decorations and lights are as Bensonhurst. A reader corrected us saying it's Dyker Heights. That's more precisely accurate (and possibly there's a bit of snobbery in it), but the general area is still referred to as Bensonhurst.

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