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Holiday Spirit
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Things you can do to sustain the holiday spirit.

Greet, Feed
Send a Citymeals e-greeting card to someone on your list and each $19 card will pay for a holiday meal package delivered to a homebound elderly New Yorker.

Hear, Teach
The fifth version of A Holiday Benefit is available for download at iTunes. Proceeds go to 826NYC, our own superheroes, the group that helps kids 6-18 improve their writing skills.

Buy, Build
Aid to Artisans 'creates economic opportunities for artisan groups around the world.' Check them out for a last-minute gift.

Adopt, Save
Adopt a whale and help the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society in its mission to protect whales, dolphins, and porpoises.

Tell, Heal
The It Gets Better Project is the initiative started by Dan Savage to help support LGBT youth, launched in reaction to an alarming rise in suicides. The testaments, by our better angels, are endlessly moving. Add your voice.

Share, Strengthen
Taproot connects you and your marketing, IT, HR or design skills with a nonprofit organization that will benefit from them. Complete a profile to start the process. 

Read, Pledge
Peter Singer's book The Life You Can Save is a compelling, thought-provoking argument that we can—and must—be doing more to end world poverty.

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