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Hot Bread Kitchen

Hot Bread Kitchen takes the staff of life thing seriously.

Jessamyn W. Rodriguez founded this nonprofit bakery with two missions. Part one: make rocking, multi-ethnic breads. Part two: provide foreign-born, low-income women with training in all things bread so they have the skills for a culinary career.

In 2011, they launched HBK Incubates out of La Marqueta, where they have a retail shop, "to support the growth of start-up businesses, bring food entrepreneurship back to the historic public market and aid in the creation of good jobs and good food in the community."

As for the goods, Hot Bread thinks/bakes globally: seventy-five breads including classic rye, sourdough, and multigrain loaf, but also seasonal focaccia, lavash, challah, bialys, Persian nan-e-barbari, and Moroccan m'smen. And, yes, it's all delicious.

You can find Hot Breads at many Greenmarkets and select retailers. But stop in to La Marqueta if you can.

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Hot Bread Kitchen

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