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Bette, 461 W. 23rd [10th] 212.366.0404. The new restaurant from Amy Sacco (Bungalow 8, Lot 61), which means they'd love to have you…at 6 or after 10.

Centrico, 211 W. Bway [Franklin] 212.431.0700. Drew Nieporent and Aarón Sanchez sounds to us like the best duo since Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick. More about the Mexican restaurant here.

Maremma, 228 W. 10th [Bleecker/Hudson ] 212.645.020. Cesare Casella (Beppe) has opened up his cowboy Italian restaurant that we first told you about in March.

Mainland, 1081 3rd [64th] 212.888.6333. Certainly attracting a glittery crowd, Brian Young's pricey new Chinese eatery is, how shall we put it, still working out some kinks.

Perry Street, 176 Perry [West] 212.352.1900. Jean-Georges by West Street. Seems so unlikely, and yet there it is.

Ribot, 780 3rd [48th] 212.355.3700. Mediterranean food in an attractive setting, chef Patrick Woodside at the helm.

Secretes, 513 E. 6th [Ave. A] 212.228.2775. An alum from the Jean-Georges empire, Jordy Lavanderos cooking tapas to the beat of his own drumstick: a pomegranate reduction comes with the chicken leg stuffed with black rice and vegetables. You know, like that.
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