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Barbuto, 775 Wash [W. 12th] 212.924.9700. Anytime venerable chef Jonathan Waxman is in a kitchen cooking, the world can't be all bad. Italian food, dishes average $17.

BLT Steak, 106 E. 57th [Park] 212.752.7470. Laurent Tourondel, acclaimed chef from the late Cello, moves away from seafood, but reveals equal skill with the world of meat. Entrees average $30.

5 Ninth, 5 9th [Little W. 12th] 212.929.9460. Having won a legion of fans for his cooking at Brooklyn's Chickenbone Cafe (now closed), Zak Pelaccio has moved to the Meatpacking District. Mr. Pelaccio's style of cooking spans the globe, though he clearly has an affinity for Asian ingredients. Entrees average $21.

Landmarc, 179 W. Bway [Leonard] 212.343.3883. Landmarc has taken up residence in the old Independent space, where chef Marc Murphy is turning out satisfying, old-glove dishes (American, French, Italian). Entrees average $20.

Mas, 39 Downing [Bedford] 212.255.1790. Galen Zamarra, formerly the chef de cuisine at Bouley, is creating quite a stir on Downing Street. Entrees average $30.

Masa, 10 Columbus Circle [59th] 212.823.9800. It's all about pleasure and pain at Masa Takayama's Japanese restaurant. Pleasure: the ne plus ultra of sushi. Pain: (and we can barely type this…) $300 to $500 per person.

Megu, 62 Thomas [W. Bway/Church] 212.964.7777. Everything is over-the-top at this mammoth Japanese eatery, which makes it tons o' fun (but the prices are, alas, over-the-top, too).
This Week On "20/20"
Former journalist Barbara Walters interviews Monica Lewinsky and reveals shocking new details about President Clinton's anatomy. "What you don't know about his body may surprise you, " Ms. Walters says. "Also, Star Jones and I go undercover to talk with prison bitches. Some inmates say they're safer as someone's bitch, for others it's a living hell. Their stories touched us and they'll touch you. Finally, I'll shave Fidel Castro's beard live."

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