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Asiate, 80 Col Circle [60th] 212.805.8800. The first in an exciting list of big deal restaurants has opened at the Time Warner Center and it's a formidable debut: Chef Noriyuki Sugie cooking Japanese/French, a Tony Chi design (that includes walls of 1300 wines), and a 35th floor location.

Biltmore Room, 290 8th [25th] 212.807.0111. As we wrote in early September, Gary Robins' return to the kitchen is cause for celebration. This time out, he's got a beautiful room to go with his inventive multi-culti cooking.

Carriage House, 136 W. 18th [6th/7th] 212.647.8889. A hip hangout that's still under the radar. Reliable food, iffy service, attractive surroundings, though we prefer being faced away from the mural.

Matsuri, 88 9th [16th] 212.243.6400. Tadashi Ono may be slumming a bit here, but the crowds at the Maritime Hotel could care less, given the fun food and party atmosphere.

Public, 210 Eliz [Prince/Spring] 212.343.7011. The design company AvroKo has assembled the ingredients for this NoLiTa eatery: chefs from London's Providores restaurant (New Zealanders Peter Gordon and Anna Hansen) and a good-looking, minimalist design. Will the design-driven project coalesce into a workable restaurant? Stay tuned.

Schiller's Liquor Bar, 131 Rivington [Norfolk] 212.260.4555. Keith McNally's latest is another quintessential McNally slam dunk: great-looking room, great-looking crowd, and the food's better than you expect.

Sui, 54 Spring [Lafayette/Mulberry] 212.965.9838. With Japanese/American food, prepared in a sparkling setting, Sui is all set to become a destination.

Sumile, 154 W. 13th [6th/7th] 212.989.7699. Union Pacific alum Josh DeChellis is wowing diners with small plates ($14 each) of delicious Japanese-fusion creations.
William Grimes, the Times restaurant critic, is expected to leave his post shortly, according to Nation's Restaurant News…Is there anyone who doesn't love Florent, 69 Gansevoort [Greenwich/Wash] 212.989.5779, Florent Morellet's glam bistro/diner? The good news is that it's back open 24/7/365 (and that includes Thanksgiving and Christmas).

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