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Hotels Under $200

The warmer weather guarantees one thing: friends, family, and people you haven't heard from in 20 years will be calling soon, asking if they can stay with you for a few days while they visit the city. We used to allow international guests up to 7 days on the sofabed, domestic guests had a maximum of 3 nights. Now we just email them this list of 11 hotels under $200.

Abingdon Guest House
13 8th Ave. [12th/Jane]
The two townhouses that make up the Abingdon are over 140 years old. They have wonderfully creaky staircases, and many rooms have wood floors, brick walls and tin ceilings. Much care has been taken to create an inviting, residential feel that is authentically 'Village.' Note that there is no elevator (and as many as four flights of stairs).

Second Home on Second Avenue
221 2nd [13th/14th]
Again, no elevator, and an unpromising exterior. Within, though, tastefully, if not luxuriously executed guest rooms in different themes (tribal, modern, Caribbean). A find.

Hotel Bedford
118 E. 40th [Park/Lex]
Comfortable low-to-no-style lodging — if the blah, old-fashioned design doesn't matter to you, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the spacious rooms and fair number of amenities. In a city where hoteliers think nothing of charging a lot and offering little, it's nice to visit a hotel where the equation is reversed.

Broadway Inn B & B
264 W. 46th [Bway/8th]
Simply designed quarters with a brick-walled lobby looks like the living room of an Upper West Side brownstone. Higher-priced rooms have kitchenettes and microwaves. Good for theatre-goers.

Hudson Hotel
356 W. 58th [9th]
Schrager hip, Starck style, and attitude bigger than the rooms — they've got the formula down.

The Mayfair New York
242 W. 49th [Bway/8th]
The Mayfair New York is one of the nicer budget hotels the city has to offer. Rooms are small but have some style, without calling much attention to themselves. Black and white historic photos dot the lobby and guest quarters.

The Wyndham
42 W. 58th [5th/6th]
no website
When we think of the Wyndham, we think of Bertie Wooster's Aunt Dahlia. The hotel has plenty of eccentric splash and color, is firmly rooted in an earlier, indeterminate era, and lacks only Wodehouse's hilarity, though that is certainly arguable. So, the beds are a little soft, the water pressure a little weak. The quirkiness appeals to a lot of show biz types (and others) who love the Wyndham like an eccentric favorite aunt.

Best Western Hospitality House
145 E. 49th [Lex/3rd]
Few points for style but lots of them for value. Spacious accommodations, well-equipped kitchens, and other amenities are especially welcome in a neighborhood with few budget-minded hotels.

Country Inn the City
270 W. 77th [Bway/WEA]
What a charmer. Four-poster beds, armoires, flagons of brandy, moose head in the hallway…you get the idea. As English country house as you'll find on the UWS. There's a three-day minimum, they accept no credit cards, no children under 12, and smoking is not permitted. It's a small price to pay for the small price you pay.

The Mayflower Hotel on the Park
15 CPW [61st/62nd]
A view of Central Park (from some rooms) is one of the compelling reasons to stay at the Mayflower. The hotel has a lived-in feeling to it, rooms with rooms to breathe, large closets and not-overcrowded bathrooms. The Mayflower hasn't been cutting edge in over 75 years — but it's got that front row seat on the park that's as comfortable as a BarcaLounger.

The Gracie Inn
502 E. 81st [York/EEA]
A stay here is a vote for the mom and pop, the idiosyncratic and the personal over the mega, the bland and the electronic. A hotel that offers a personal experience is not a virtue to be taken lightly. The 12 rooms are simply, cheerfully furnished. Amenities are basic but each room has a full kitchen. Breakfast is delivered to your room, which may not feel exactly like home, though it's a nice thought.

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