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Hotels Under $200
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The warmer weather guarantees one thing: friends, family, and people you haven't heard from in 20 years will be calling or emailing soon, asking if they can stay with you for a few days while they visit the city. We used to allow international guests up to 7 days on the sofabed, domestic guests had a maximum of 3 nights. Now we just send them this list.

We should point out that for the last 10 years or so, many New York hotels have been charging greedy, unconscionable room rates. Manhattan User's Guide has taken a dim view of this. Hotels that should be in the $200-$300 category by any rational measure were demanding $400 or $500. Just because they could get it for a time didn't mean that those rooms were worth that much. Now those same hotels are going begging and we're not remotely sympathetic. We'd rather highlight the properties that emphasize value in good times and bad. (Note that not every room in each of the hotels reviewed is under $200 at all times of the year. You may need to do a little work in some cases to keep the price down. You can do it.)

To see the hotels map, CLICK HERE.

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