leisure 04.10.13

Hump Day

THE MORNING LINE Frank Rich on old media nostalgia

Manhattan, a new music video by Cat Power

Trending: LEGO?!

Michael Jackson dancing

LEGOLAND hotel opens in California

Contact 1, one of the most imaginative uses
of LEGO we've seen.
[via: Brand Flakes for Breakfast]

New York photographer Lisa Gonzalez creates something new and revealing from 50s advertisements geared toward Housewives
[via: Feature Shoot]

Hints of Human Language Heard in Lip-Smacking Monkey Talk

A snappy video science series to make you Smarter Every Day. Cat lovers should probably give the current cat physics episode a miss.

The Curious Tale of Mexico's Most Peculiar Pottery

Tightrope Walker Over New York in 1924

How Popular Tourist Destinations Might Look in 2125

Hidden Architecture
We'd love to see a New York version of this!

Howard Street

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