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Hump Day

Just a quick reminder before we get to this month's Hump Day:
you can win $250 from MUG in our Found Money Contest,
which runs through Sunday. Check the details here.

Generate 'word clouds' with text you input, courtesy of Wordle. We loaded up Obama's Inauguration speech and came up with the image at the top of the page.

Don't do anything after you click on the website for
Dutch department store Hema.
Just watch what happens.

By keeping his figurative and literal distance,
Kevin Bauman's series of 100 Abandoned Houses
is especially effective in capturing the pathos
in these boarded up and broken homes.

From the Joy of Giving Something philanthropic organization,
the digital Forward Thinking Museum takes you on a virtual visit
to a series of photographic exhibitions.

The Etiquette Collection specializes in books that are, as one title has it,
"A Mirror Wherein Any Fool May Find Clear, Concise and Conclusive Reflections on Behavior Under All Possible and Impossible Circumstances."

Creepy, fascinating, and beautiful microscopic
Images from Inside the Human Body.

As baseball season is upon is,
some mustard to go along with your dog.

After the months of American Idol caterwauling,
check out Julie London, a bass player and the song Bye Bye Blackbird.

"Long before official reports and journalistic exposes revealed the horrific abuse of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib, high-ranking American officers expressed their deep concern that the civilian officials at the Pentagon were undermining the military's traditional detention and interrogation procedures."
– Joe Conason writing in Salon, May 7, 2004

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