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Hump Day

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We haven't got a clue where Beautywab has materialized from, but we can't get enough of their product descriptions. Are they Google translations? Or does someone just have a memorable way with words? To wit: "This deodorant has been created to delicately govern scrape sudation, and is alcoholic drink liberal that prevents botheration." Or: "Embellish your body in company with effervescent beams of short and the extraneous perfume of gingerlily." About a bubble bath, Beautywab says it was "especially blended to hive off a high freak, or facilitate twist downward from a stressful daytime." Just reading these, in our view, prevents botheration and hives us off the highest freaks.

From Wired, the winners of the top 10 Night Photos, selected by their readers—images of everything from a shrimp factory in Iceland to Joshua Tree.

OK, cats, you're busted. Now we can see the world through your eyes, thanks to the cam attachment on one 'Fritz' and the resulting images from the Fritz Cam. Nah, you're still confounding.

And speaking of cams, Earthcam allows you to click into any part of the world and check out the local webcams. We were inside a Prague pub in a matter of seconds. As always with cams, slightly creepy, sometimes dull, frequently addictive.

Signs of Life compiles images of funny, odd, even touching signs. Which category, we wonder, is "Dangerous Trees, Entry Inadvisable"?

Photographer Carl Warner can shoot in a lot of styles: from action shots in sports to his version of still lifes. But click on the orange square to see his Arcimboldo-worthy food vignettes, such as the Fruit Balloons & Cart pictured here.


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