leisure 08.12.09

Hump Day

I Do Believe I Came With a Hat aims to solve
"the mysteries of etiquette, social protocol
and miscellaneous airs and graces."

If you're skeptical that package design
can make for fascinating browsing,
The Die Line will set you straight.

A supercomputer gives us amazing model images
of a Supernova explosion.

Buying Organic, published last year by GOOD,
points out the heavy hand
of the country's biggest food processors
in our organic snacks.

Mustaches of the 19th Century.
What more could you want?

We can never get enough of Odd Books and this site tracks some beauts: And Now Its [sic] Nail Time, Moles and Their Meaning, and a book written 90 years ago, Does the Earth Rotate? NO!, that sounds straight out of today's science deniers.

Artist Michael Ferris, Jr. has created a series of memorable sculptures
made out of wood with pigmented grout.

As Samuel Johnson pointed out "All travel has its advantages."
But, let's face it, there can be some major drags along the journey.
Titanica Awards celebrates "the dubious achievements of travel."

park slope (from 2007)

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