leisure 08.13.08

Hump Day

Our monthly attempt to reduce workplace productivity.

Turn the windows of the soul into a pair of freaky lamps, fashioned by Murano craftsmen—a project of 5.5 designers called Cloned.

"Clumsy manipulation, senseless comping, lazy cloning and thoughtless retouching are our bread and butter," says the site Photoshop Disasters that features wonderfully inept commercial Photoshop work.

Even if it doesn't give satisfyingly precise answers, it's hard to resist plugging your first and last name into How Many of Me.

We're always learning things here at MUG HQ. We had no idea that the Chinese developed embroidery using human hair until we stumbled onto this website, in which the artist created Hair Portraits of American Presidents.

Low on graphic appeal but high in entertainment value, Wacky Court Cases tracks same, including United States v. Satan.

You've probably seen variations on this, but Newsmap does a nice job of giving a graphic representation to news events, revealing patterns you may not have noticed.

The Leila Texts is 2.0 theater of the absurd: Leila, who started the site, has been collecting text messages that come to her when people on Verizon type in 'Leila' as the recipient. Unexpectedly hilarious.

gone -- revere sugar plant (from nov 05)

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