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Hump Day

If you're new around these parts, this is MUG's monthly detour out of the five boroughs and into some of the more offbeat corners of the web.

Spacious fixer-uppers offering quiet, unconventional living space, designed to withstand nuclear attack. These '20th century castles' (another way of saying 'underground') are decommissioned or never completed Missile Bases.

Though we can't quite put our finger on it, there's something majorly creepy about Hiccups Warehouse, an audio and video repository of people with hiccups.

We ran a link to the infinite loop called the Zoomquilt once before, but they moved and we couldn't find them again. But we've finally tracked one of our favorites down.

Next time you get into a heated discussion about the Supreme Court and other constitutional matters, you can use Things That Are Not in the U.S. Constitution as a referee. Some of the things not there are surprising: the words "innocent until proven guilty," the phrase "separation of church and state," or the number of Justices that are to comprise the Supreme Court.

Boot care tips, photos, essays, and a hall of fame, all focused on Go-Go Boots. Strangely enough, they're not mentioned in the Constitution, either.

"The world is divided into two unequal camps," wrote Anthony Lane in the New Yorker."Those who have never heard of Jan Švankmajer, and those who happen upon his work and know that they have come face to face with genius."

About this one's name, the National Woodie Club, we're not going there. It happens to be the club that celebrates cars with exterior wood paneling.

Show and Tell Music is a terrific collection of fun, and sometimes weird, album covers.

The website gets 20 Questions and it does an uncanny job of guessing objects. It took only 17 questions to guess, correctly, 'remote control.'

A guilty pleasure, perhaps, but we never tire of Clumsy Crooks stories.

Plastic action figures, for those who are perfectly secure with their testosterone levels: the figures include Mozart, a coffee barista, and Jane Austen.
Cool Job
We're not about to start listing jobs at MUG, but we're helping out a friend here, and the opportunity is actually a very cool one for the right person. A producer at a soon-to-debut, nationally telecast talk show is looking for a pet expert for recurring appearances. Knowledge of pets and exotics is necessary, television experience is helpful. They're looking for more of a Jamie Oliver-type personality, rather than Marlin Perkins, if you know what we mean. (Even though Jamie Oliver is a chef, he brings a fun, hip approach to his work. You know, like that). If you or someone you know is interested, send a resume to BAFight@aol.com

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