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Hump Day

No scented inserts: Abe's Penny is a 'micro magazine'. Each monthly issue consists of four postcards, one each week, mailed to you. You'll get text and a photograph that forms a sequential narrative. Each four-part issue is created by a different writer and photographer team. It's $48 for six months, $82 for a year. The editors, Anna and Tess Knoebel, have also branched out with a kids' version called Abe's Peanut. July's issue included the work of Jason Polan, featured weekly on MUG. [Image: Richard Gin]

Some of the notes on Passive Aggressive Notes REALLY border on just plain, old aggressive, NOTHING passive about it. But who are WE to judge?????!!!! Lots of capitalization, italics, underlining, exclamation points, and other human frailties on display at this very funny collection of notes from around the world.

Awe-inspiring: Peter McCready's 360-degree, virtual reality tour of the Large Hadron Collider outside Geneva. [Via: Brand 66]

If we had a backyard, we can think of a lot worse places to kick back than this polyhedron by architect Manuel Villa.

Thanks, iluvpork, for this Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe.

The watercolors by Kieron Williamson are especially impressive when you learn he's seven years old. More at his website.

Graphite Sculptures carved on pencil tips by Dalton Ghetti. Wow. [Via: The Presurfer]

Today on Wish You Were Here:
Room 606

We are always so touched by MUG readers' generosity. Yesterday's Donors Choose challenge was funded in a matter of minutes. Many readers who went to donate later on, finding our challenge complete, donated to other projects that will benefit NYC school kids. Our great thanks to you.

Red Hook (from 2008)

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