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Hump Day

Our monthly spin around the web, part of an ongoing effort to reduce workplace productivity by 43%.

DQ Books
A collaborative improvisation whereby artists, illustrators, photographers, and composers create sketch books. Four issues have been produced so far; the most recent, Beneath a Steel Sky, is a collection of images of New York.

Big Spanish Castle
One of the best optical illusions we've ever seen online. Totally rocks our inner geek.

Sugar Bush Squirrel
There are so many ways that this is wrong, so wrong, that it's hard to know where to begin. Aviator goggles are okay for squirrels (see: Rocket J. Squirrel) and a natty scarf to go with it is Details-approved. But after that, we're deep into crazy town.

What is Everyone in the World Doing Right Now?
Even if it can't really deliver on the premise, the idea is engaging.

Famous Trials
A compendium of trials going back to Socrates and ending up with Moussaoui. Assembled by the University of Missouri, what we especially like is the amount and variety of info provided on each trial. Lizzie Borden, pictured here, is represented with photos, inquest testimony, maps of the house, trial sketches, even autopsy records.

Stupid Comics
Richard Nixon on the cover of Harvey Comics' Jackie Jokers, Millie the Lovable Monster who's addicted to the twist, and the 80s classic Crack Busters.

A bit of pirate-punning silliness from the folks at The Happy Corp. Note that you need sound, and if you can't get the dice rolls to go your way, hit 'refresh' on your browser.

Where's George
Tracking the journey of particular dollar bills — every bit as exciting as it sounds. Hey, it went to Nevada. Then California!

Who in the What Now
We like this one: Good, simple concept, attractive design. Every day they choose a word or phrase and you can contribute whatever association you have to that word.

Pjotro: The Man with the Musical Suit
Pjotro loves music, dancing, and engineering. His musical suit is the result.
The Titan Arum plant is about to bloom at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. This is news because? Well, the Sumatran native rarely blooms in cultivation and the last one to bloom in New York did so in 1939. Here's the fun part: when it does, it releases a hideous, disgusting smell, which has earned it the name 'corpse flower.'

Check out the funky colors and wild textures on the merchandise at tusk.com. These ultra-groovy small leather goods are available at the Tusk store, 242 W. 26th [7th/8th] 212.242.8485

Try MooShoes, 152 Allen [Stanton/Rivington] 212.254.6512. What's coolest about the shoes, wallets, bags and accessories at MooShoes is that nothing in the store is made of leather or other animal products. The cows would say that's way cool…

My own personal favorite wallets are by a Dutch designer Hester van Eeghen. Nothing like my grandmother. I believe some are at the MoMA Store. I have successfully purchased pieces on the web from the Museum of Bags and Purses.

The Museum of the City of New York has about as non-grandmotherly a wallet as possible, designed by Yukiko Sato.

I found an exceptionally cool wallet at The Clay Pot, 162 7th [1st St./Garfield] Bklyn 718.788.6564, nearly two years ago and am still using it every day. It is by Johnny Farah and has a handcrafted, yet fashion forward look to it. It is highly functional and has held up beautifully — without ever being given any special handling or care. It was a spontaneous purchase that still greatly pleases me all these months later.

Tracey Tanner — beautiful leather work.

Steven Alan has beautiful wallets from Comme des Garçons.

Home design and art supply stores are great for finding more stylish versions of everyday items. For a cool women's wallet try Sam Flax or Pylones. And for very high quality, non-gender-specific leather goods, Il Bisonte is tops!

Urban Outfitters carries some cool Harajuku Lovers wallets.

Flight 001, 96 Greenwich Ave. [Jane] 212.989.0001.


Hayden-Harnett has great women's wallets…and they are based in Greenpoint!

May I suggest the silk folders and purses that are sold very inexpensively in Chinatown? They look great, are easy to find in a handbag because they are colorful and decidedly non-grandmother, in my opinion. And I should know. I am a grandmother.

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