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Hump Day

Our monthly spin around the web, part of an ongoing effort to reduce workplace productivity by 43%.

Carved Crayons
Artist Pete Goldlust often works with polymer clay to create his funny but disturbing sculptures. His carved crayons, though, are just cool.

Dr. Toast's Amazing World of Toast, Featuring "Ask Dr. Toast!"
Worth including for the site's name alone. But there is much toast arcana here, as well as Dr. T's advice column. One recent question from Pam: "Please tell me why raisins that fall into the bottom of the toaster catch on fire."

Scuba Photography
OK, yes, that sucker, a flathead scorpionfish, is creeeepy. But there are some gorgeous shots here, including shipwrecks, plus coral, and more creepy-but-cool critters.

Motel Hell
Some of these places don't look that hellish to us, frankly, but this site features roadside lodgings that are never going to be part of the W chain.

In the 1700s, these were sectioned cards with illustrations that could be recombined in interesting ways. Here's the digital version of 'combinatorial artworks.'

Even though there isn't the humor of the Molvania guide book (and others in that series), this website posits the existence of Datoha. Its current president is Aihara Daijirou, the Datohans like to eat Messedol balls, and they celebrate Hot Noodle Day on January 31st and Overseas Empress Day on September 6th.

Bacon Wallet
Of course they're out of stock. Who could possibly resist a bacon wallet?

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