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Hump Day

Ball of Paint
Honestly, we were hoping this might turn out to be an urban legend. But, no, it appears to be legit: enterprising souls have painted a baseball so many times that it has turned into a puckered red orb that weighs 1,700 pounds.

Quantum Sleeper
A bed as safe room. On the whole, we'd rather be in Philadelphia.

Gang Rule
This is about Mafia guys from the beginning of the 20th century. Interesting details about rub-outs, but also about restaurants, businesses, and hangouts of the day. Lots of pics, including a rogue's gallery of mugshots.

Plush Nativity Set
The best part of site is the pic of the 12-piece set (plus display stable and satin bag) with a plush sign that says 'as seen on TV.'

Come Dancing Wit Jah
An oldie from the JibJab team (that brought you This Land is Your Land, et al) that features a man and woman, no longer in their salad days, busting some serious slap-and-tickle moves. Be sure to click on the characters (and elsewhere).

The Indian Shankar Drum Ganesh Machine
A music machine with a sitar groove.

Brooklyn Parrots
Just when we think, after all these years, we're starting to get a handle on this city, another reminder of how much more there is to know…this time, it's the news, to us, of Brooklyn's flock of wild monk parrots.

Einstein Hollow Face Illusion
This Windows Media file shows an illusion that's pretty great: a plastic, slightly enlarged version of Albert Einstein's face is placed in a room with some light behind it. It isn't just the genius' eyes that follow you, it's his whole face. You can buy it here.
Questions We Can't Answer
Holiday Tipping
Every year, we get asked to write about holiday tipping. But this year, as always, we'll pass because it really can't be done — there's just no way for us to suggest a dollar amount to, say, tip your doormen. Everything depends on the particulars of the building, what others in your building do, and your own relationship with the doormen. The best advice is to talk with people in the building to get a sense of the going rate, and then follow your impulse.

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