leisure 12.9.09

Hump Day

From the designers of the delightful Samorost, the more ambitious (equally eye-popping) logic/adventure game Machinarium.
The demo is free, the full game is $20.

The Zagat "empire" may be "waning" but its one "legacy" is likely to be the "widespread use" of Unnecessary Quotes.

The Lighthouse Keeper is an absolutely delightful animated short – a model of compression and imagination.

Prank Pack is half a dozen bogus boxes promising believably bad gift ideas within. Our favorite: the Wake and Bake
Dream Griddle/Alarm Clock.

Cleverly conceived and beautifully designed, Pictory magazine feels like it might be a new paradigm, one in which anybdy can submit a photo and caption relating to an upcoming themed story, curated by the editors. The current showcase is Overseas & Overwhelmed: 25 True Stories of Culture Shock. [Photographer: Matt Nuzzaco]

Singer Saints is a consideration of a wide range of music, mostly drawn from the fifties to the seventies, spanning soundtracks, jazz, vocals, and some appealing oddities. Nice company.

If you give a quick glance at the photos by Peter Funch, you might think 'typical street scene.' When you look closer, though, it's apparent that the scenes didn't happen as you see them. Funch takes weeks to capture the elements of these fantastic assemblages.
[Via: PetaPixel ]

This is a nifty book trailer for Ian Beck's Pastworld, in which the author imagines the London of 2048 as a theme park of its past.


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