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The Best of Hump Day
Every Person in New York

Extreme Ironing

Do not give James Howard Kunstler crap buildings. He will call you out: Eyesore of the Month.

Ghosts of Old London

One of Rubens angels escapes his painting

Almost certainly the best dog snore ever

When your cat is your best confidant

Einstein, the aptly-named parrot

Ephemicropolis: Peter Root's City of Staples

Tacos al pastor are high on our list for last-meal ideas. Background on what makes them so delicious: Behind a $1.50 Taco, a Deep Well of Expertise

People Who Accidentally Dressed Like Their Surroundings

Unusual Underpasses by Gisela Erlacher

The online Museum of Endangered Sounds is a stroll down auditory lane where you can hear the sounds of dialing a rotary phone, a teletype machine and the AOL Instant Messenger bleep.

Oreo Art

That's not a baked potato in orbit, that's a rendering of a meteoroid on its way to wreak havoc. Doomsday fans can set the parameters of the impact on Impact Earth and find out what happens afterwards.

Preserved Loaf of Bread from Pompeii and a recreated recipe

The best workplace friendship ever?

Tightrope Walker Over New York in 1924

The Cloud Appreciation Society honors the beauty of clouds and fights "the banality of blue-sky thinking."

Jason Polan started Every Person in New York in March of 2008. He plans on working on the project until it is finished. Look for more at Jason's site and his book Every Person in New York.


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