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Hump Day

Our monthly spin around the web, part of an ongoing effort to reduce workplace productivity by 43%.

Wondrous NASA images of the Earth Observed.

We still can not process this Uranium Ore item being on Amazon. Or is it a fake? In any case, the comments are hilarious.

You remember the Leslie Uggams' version of June is Bustin' Out All Over? Trooper that she is, she gets through it, even though she's gone up on the words seconds after the downbeat. Subtitles are needed to parse what she's actually singing. Here's an antecedent: Joe Cocker at Woodstock,
subtitled "for the clear-headed."

Liz Wolfe composes images, frequently using sugar products. But this is not some vacuous candy you might consume daily—the work is fraught and disturbing. In other words, the entree, not the dessert.

In 1970, Sanyo came out with a prototype for an Ultrasonic Bath—fifteen minutes gets you cleaned, massaged, and dried. Energy efficient, just not in a good way.

Mrs. Smiling, the character in Cold Comfort Farm, "reputed to have the largest and finest collection of [brassieres] in the world, would love the handiwork of the South Carolina Quilters, creators of one-of-a-kind bras. Proceeds from sales go to the Best Chance Network.

Newly rejiggered New Scientist has become one of our favorite online reads. Lots of good stuff here, including a report on Designs of the Year.

Some Vintage Technology fun (does not include the Ultrasonic Bath)… Guess which of the innovations became successful in their game Hit or Miss.

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