leisure 02.23.05

Hump Day

Our monthly procrastination-enabling roundup of the wacky web.

Patently Silly
Real patents, awarded for things like Roller Tool for Applying Sunscreen Lotion to One's Own Back, a Vending Machine for Kimchi, and a Foot-Tanning Device.

La Pâte à Son
From the genuine geniuses of Le Ciel Est Bleu, an interactive sound toy (pictured).

Cocktail Wiener Origami
From the sublime to the…well, there's no word quite right for this.

The Infinite Cat Project
Cats watching cats, who are watching cats, who are…etc.

Ze Frank
One of the most imaginative and delightful websites at which to while away the hours.

Costa Rican Monkey Soccer League
Is this for real? If so, the Coconuts squad looks formidable, what with Duran Bol-Hanset, Bobo Baldez, and Zorab in key positions.

Patio Culture
Suburban living in the 60s.

Galco's Soda Pop Stop
Obscure brands galore — Journey Dr. Whatever, Riggs & Forsythe Ginger Ale, and Black Lemonade — plus they ship.

Modern Moist Towelette Collecting
Much like cocktail wiener origami…you know what? We can't even finish that sentence.

How Much Is Inside
Twenty-somethings with too much time and not enough recreational drugs plumb the mysteries of Bacon Bits quantities, Oreos, and Easy Cheese.

Dreamy Jeannie Bottles
Hand-painted Jeannie bottles. $370, Jeannie not included.

Miss Abigail's Time Warp Advice
Retro advice for modern dilemmas.
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