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Hump Day

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1,300 Cereal Boxes
A collage of the fronts and backs of 1,300 cereal boxes. If your mouse pauses over one of the boxes, it zooms it up so you can get a closer look (clicking again zooms it in one more time). There are a lot of repeats, but plenty of oddball finds: Dinky Gonuts, Mister Muscle, and Quake's Orange Quangaroos.

Mademoiselle's Manhunt Scarf
From Conde Nast, circa 1963: a silk scarf that Mademoiselle readers could buy. It doubled as a board game and the object was simple: "first girl home is first girl married." "You didn't put your perfume on this morning. Back to GO" is one pitfall. Land on "You broil a great hotdog" and you get to move ahead.

Postbox or Cheese?
British absurdist humor.

Ask Oxford
Lexophiles worry about bimonthly (twice a month or every two months?), what English words end in -gry besides hungry and angry, and the two unrhymable colors (orange is one, what's the other?).

Breath Capture
We're reluctant to say this is the dumbest thing we've ever heard of, because life and the internet seem inexhaustible on that front. But decide yourself: "Breath Capture is a patent-pending method and apparatus for collecting human breath as a keepsake display."

This is one of those pursuits at the other end of the spectrum — it sounds dopey, but it rather surprisingly finds beauty in an everyday object — in this case, gas appliance burners.

Electricity Pylons
Same point here, this time with electricity pylons.

The GM Runabout
The major auto makers are in dire straits just now, so a look back to a more optimistic time may be in order. Check out this '64 three-wheeled concept car from the NY World's Fair that comes with its own shopping cart. Other cool concept and prototype cars here.

Ossuary in Sedlec
Creepily compelling small Christian chapel about 45 miles from Prague that is decorated in human bones and skulls.

World's Largest Gumwrapper Chain
In this past December's Hump Day, we told you about the gigantic Ball of Paint. Gary Duschl of Virginia Beach is someone else with a lot of time on his hands, and, really, you have to admire his tenacity. The chain started on March 11, 1965!

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