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Hump Day - Food Edition
Plus: Under $21

Swaddled in sushi, skiing down cauliflower, snorkeling in soup, climbing up a green pepper or strawberry, just some of the memorable Lilliputian Landscapes, chock-full of vitamins and wonder, by Judith Robinson-Cox.

Some. Body. Get. The. PICKLE! thunders Wilma Stephenson. Oh-no-you-did-not-forget-the-pickle, not in Stephenson's Philadelphia high school culinary arts class, known far and wide for its boot-camp atmosphere and soon to be known farther and wider thanks to the documentary Pressure Cooker opening May 27th at the IFC Center.

Adventurous eater are you? Psyched up to eat deep-fried sand worms, duck blood soup or deer placenta? Maybe not, but you have to admire the spirit of adventure, the openness, and the apparently iron-clad stomach of the dude who created the Weird Meat site, chronicling his experiences with strange foods around the world. As he says, "What is weird to one, is normal to another. I want to find out why."

A simple good deed: play one of the UN World Food Program's dozen or so Q & A games (vocabulary, famous paintings, world capitals)
and for each correct answer, they'll donate 10 grains of rice through the program to help end hunger. Last month alone,
1,478,963,720 grains of rice were donated. Free Rice.

The question on the table to food world stars: what would you have for your last supper? The answers, in the forms of interviews, portraits, and recipes, make up My Last Supper by photographer Melanie Dunea. Yes, that's Lidia Bastianich under the pasta hat.

A fun, supersized food fight or a waste of perfectly good tomatoes? Judge for yourself at La Tomatina in Valencia, Spain. Over 20,000 participate in the annual event, held on the last Wednesday in August.

Good news – or bad – depending on your ability to fight addiction: Peggle has been ported to the iPhone. MSNBC called Peggle "Top 5 most addictive video games of all time" and they're not exaggerating. $4.95, available at the iTunes store.

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