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Hump Day

Our monthly spin around the web…

Surreal Places
3D digital art of imagined cities.

The Baghdad Battery
A genuine mystery (and apparently no hoax): in 1936, excavation of 2000-year-old ruins near Baghdad yielded a six-inch-tall pot that appears to have been designed to function as a battery.

Sauna in a Saab
A model of reuse — take your beloved old Saab and turn it into a sauna.

Golf Mongolia
You may have read about this guy, Andre Tolme, who became the first person (and possibly the last) person to golf 1,320 miles across Mongolia.

Moon Amtrak
Save the date! July 8 is the 27th Annual Mooning of Amtrak that takes place in the O.C.

Pencil Revolution
We came to mock, but this pencil blog turns out to be surprisingly engaging.

Map of Springfield
For fans of The Simpsons who want directions to Dr. Marvin Monroe's Family Therapy Center, Just Chloroform, or the Second Best Western Hotel.

One Chord to Another
A website devoted to Finnish pop music that, along the way, presents a countervailing cheer to the dour national image.

Exhibit 13
Directed by the Blue Man Group, this 'exhibit' is so simple and so affecting. It begins "The following pieces of paper blew into the Carroll Gardens neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York."
Moving Wall 11
One more note on the Moving Wall 11 group exhibit. The correct address is 400 W. 59th [9th/10th].

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