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Hump Day

Fractal World Gallery
This is something like being inside a kaleidoscope, perhaps at 4:20, or after your second gin and tonic.

Hidden Cams
The owners of these webcams "may or may not have intended for them to be public, but they obviously are," says this website. From Biscayne Bay to a mall in Grand Rapids, somebody's watching.

An animation that moves from whimsical to, well, we won't give things away. But let's say if you've ever been driven crazy by a noisy neighbor, you'll be able to relate.

History Shots
This company creates information graphics. That doesn't sound like much, but check out their History of Life on Earth, Conquest of Everest, or Cycles of Greatness on the PGA Tour. Great stuff.

Russian winters are famously long, which allows plenty of time for insanely ambitious cake creations.

Patent Room
These are designs from U.S. Patent Office archives, mostly from the first half of the 20th century in the categories of architecture, cars, trains, planes, and toys.

Etch-A-Sketch perfectly translated to the virtual world. You can save your work in their galleries and email the masterpiece to a friend.

Finishing the Hat
(The New Yorker)
Green Roof Reno
Gucci Hearts NY
(Fashion Week Daily)
Bar Blanc
(Noah Kalina Interiors)
Top Five: Cheap Furniture Basics
(Apartment Therapy)

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