leisure 01.26.05

Hump Day

January. Midweek. Gray. We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming for these websites with few salutary effects.

Men Who Look Like Kenny Rogers
Even the url makes us laugh.

Cool Optical Illusions
The famous Zollner illusion and other tricks of the eye: rabbit or duck? How many elephant legs? And a color blindness test.

Interchange Stations on the Tube Map
The dullest page on the web is also, paradoxically, a laugh riot.

Pimpadelic Wonderland
The weird world of 70s cinema.

Cheese Racing
Only the Brits could have invented this: players toss a wrapped slice of cheese on a grill…and, well, hijinks ensue.

Modern Living
Fantastic interactive animations (pictured) from a Dutch artist.

When Nixon Met Elvis
From the National Archives.

Last Phone Booths of Manhattan
The end of an era.

Museum of Soviet Calculators on the Web
Further proof that you can find anything on the web.

Strawberry Pop-Tart Blow Torch
Strawberry Pop Tarts may be a cheap and inexpensive source of incendiary devices. America's answer to the British sport of cheese racing.
Rafe Totengco, who makes all those wonderful bags and shoes under his label Rafe, 1 Bleecker [Bowery] 800.486.9544, will be donating 15% of gross sales during the month of February to Operation USA. The entire amount will go to help tsunami victims.

More on Argentinean Wines
Check out V.O.S. Selections, which has been distributing Nicolas Catena wines since the 1999 vintage, and also distributes the wines made by his children, Laura and Ernesto, under the Luca and Tikal labels. According to Victor Owen Schwartz, the president of V.O.S., "The Catena operation has spawned a lot of talent, in both viticulture and vinification techniques, just like a great restaurant kitchen. Now these talented people are producing top-notch wines under their own labels. In addition to the Catena, Tikal and Luca labels, I would suggest that you be on the lookout for other great quality labels like Susana Balbo, BenMaro, Mapema and Finca La Anita."

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