leisure 01.28.15

Hump Day

Robert Gonsalves' magical realism paintings reorient perceptions
in ways both charming and spooky.

And speaking of spooky, the one-minute Tuck Me In delivers
a perfect little frisson.

An amusingly antiquated vision
of how women should be: Model School 1955

Love Mr. Bean? Then this ad for Snickers, Mr. Bean Kung Fu,
is required viewing.

Brothers Grimm's Wanderings and Brothers Grimm's Homeland:
we question the punctuation but the work of Kilian Schöberger
is unquestionably compelling.

Tommy Johnagin's Mom Uses iTunes routine is laugh-out-loud funny.

Mothers put a stop to their sons' grody behavior.

The Most Beautiful Thing. Sweet, sweet, sweet.

In this BMW ad, Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric have some fun at their own expense, starting with their infamous
'What is internet, anyway?' host chat.


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