leisure 01.7.09

Hump Day

Our monthly spin around the web, part of an ongoing effort to reduce workplace productivity by 43%.

Radio Guy has his 'oddball and scary scientific stuff'
displayed in beautifully composed tableaux.

Create a movie scene, news- or sportscast, courtesy of XtraNormal, where they say, 'if you can type, you can make movies.' We assembled a satisfyingly subversive news segment suitable for Sue Simmons. No, we're not sharing.

Vulcans should ace this short Logic Test. [via Neatorama and Presurfer]

Only the Danes, probably, could make cycling look so effortlessly chic.
Captured on the website Copenhagen Chic.

Never needs a walk or feeding, yet could become a beloved family pet. Perhaps. The highly interactive Healing Seal can be yours for $5,783.

Awww, another milestone.

Videos of self-assembling machines, unusual suitcase kits, country architecture, a Kawaksaki dismantled (pictured)—anything and everything is collected, curated, and displayed on Oobject. You may lose hours of your life.

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