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Hump Day

Our monthly spin around the web, part of an ongoing effort to reduce workplace productivity by 43%.

Multi Touch
Could Apple's new iPhone be any more beautiful? One of its wow-factor technologies involves being able to enlarge or shrink an image using two fingers on the screen. That's the invention of Jeff Han, whose work is shown at this site.

Strange Sisters
Their Love Was Right! But Their Sex Was Wrong, according to the cover of 69 Barrow Street, part of the collection of lesbian paperback artwork of the 50s and 60s. Also on that cover, this description: A Startlingly Frank Novel of Love In The Shadow World Of The Third Sex.

Throw Paper
Boring meeting? Perfect your trajectory with a crumpled piece of paper and a waiting wastebasket. The rub? A nearby fan that has to be factored in.

Interesting Ideas
We like eccentric, and this one's nothing if not eccentric. Some outsider art, a gyros signs calendar, and roadside art, an example of which is this weird and wonderful image from Chicago's Ye Olde Wash House.

Mirror Project
By internet standards, this is an ancient site as it was launched in 1999 A.D. And some future anthropologist will no doubt have theories as to why we are so enamored of our own image. The Mirror Project collects shots of people who have photographed themselves on a reflective surface.

Ask the Dead
A variation of the Magic Eight Ball, here you type in a question and a skeleton's hand uses the Ouija Board to give you an answer. We asked it, "Why is Paula Zahn?" and — this is absolutely true — its response was "Not Sure."

A Minneapolis ad agency company created this holiday greeting using the faces of its staff and a way to scramble their features into 759,375 combinations. (Note: the site loads slowly).

Street Names Contest
We're especially fond of Pudding Street, which you pass driving north on the Taconic. That's the mildest of odd street names, judging by the Car Connection's contest for the weirdest, wackiest real street names. The winner was Psycho Path in Michigan, second prize went to Divorce Court in Pennsylvania, and third prize was Farfrompoopen Rd. in Arkansas.

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