leisure 07.11.07

Hump Day

We wrote about the original Zoomquilt ages ago in a Hump Day article. Now, there's Zoomquilt2 and it's even more of a wow.

You may have experienced obdormition and never knew that's what it was. You've definitely pressed an octothorpe, prompted by a computer voice. And certainly you've heard a scroop or a wamble — even if you didn't i.d. it as such. More at 33 Names of Things You Never Knew had Names.

Two Belgian gents, called Circoripopolo, combine old-time vaudeville shtick with the digital age. Much better than it sounds.

Some freaky coincidences are noted here and here.

Why? Why would you build a mini-city out of eggs? Paging Dr. Freud. Or not.

3D Thing for the latent pottery maker in you.

We've been having fun clicking around The Random Collections. A completely simple premise: a random collection of images on any subject. It could be hairless cats, fun with clouds, or building a limousine.

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