leisure 07.25.12

Hump Day

T-Rex Trying, The Unfortunate Trials of The Tyrant Lizard King, is a chronicle by Hugh Murphy. If his T-Rex lacks legerdemain, he more than makes it up in lovability.

What Was There is a way to layer Google Maps with historical images of the same place, different time. Pictured: Edna St. Vincent Millay
and her husband in front of their house at 75½ Bedford Street.

Why none of the gourmet trucks is a chuck wagon is a mystery to us,
as we're sure it is to the American Chuck Wagon Association.
New York Needs Vittles.

The Public Domain Review is a non-profit project that showcases art, music and literature no longer covered by copyright.

Stanley, a sweet player piano, has been bionically enhanced for interactivity, playing indie music and taking requests by Twitter.

Faraday Porteur Electric Bikes, in the Kickstarter phase, are electric bikes that you can also pedal. And they are beauties.

An ad that demonstrates how Knorr soup and some real-world time buffering could give you an edge.

This could only be a new work by Felice Varini: Six Arcs in Gennevilliers, a suburb of Paris. The trompe of this is that the red arcs are real-world,
a trick that's not a trick.


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