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Hump Day

You may not have the slightest interest in product packaging yet still get hooked by the wines, potato chips, and soaps given noteworthy makeovers, chronicled by The Die Line.

Wilhelm Staehle calls his humorous, whimsical, hand-cut silhouettes 'peculiar'. Judge for yourself at his Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre.
[Via: Drawn!]

Advertising for Love is a collection of personal ads from the 19th century. The particulars may change but mostly it sounds very familiar:
We met - It was in a stage. - The gentleman who got into the stage on Broadway, corner of Grand street, about 12 N., Friday, 18th, and rode down to the Astor House, if agreeable, would be pleased to make the acquaintance of the beautiful blonde who got into the stage at the same time and place; black hat and veil; two books in her hand; one bound in blue and the other in buff. Answer by note to BLACK EYES, Herald office.

A timeline of Crayola crayon colors. We'd love a key to go with it.

Maybe your kitchen is crying out for a sausage rug.
Then again, maybe not.

We find Urban Sketchers completely irresistible: it's a network of artists who draw scenes of the cities where they live and visit, then share them. Shown here, a watercolor of a building in Singapore
where the artist was born.

Even though we tend to give a wide berth to cute, we still got suckered into looking at every one of the kittens (and a few puppies)
by photographer Sabine Rath.

On Jul 7, 2009, at 4:34 PM, Roger DaSilva wrote:

I am unsubscribing due to your nonresponse to a request I made for the All Stars Project, a charity serving underprivileged youth in our area. Apparently you are too busy advertising other stuff that is more important. I was looking for a plug about a charity bowlathon benefit that we had a few weeks ago.

Roger DaSilva

[Ed: Entitled much, Rog? We get hundreds of requests every day for coverage and there is simply no way we could accommodate all of them or even respond to all those requests. We're sure it was a worthy event, though the organization deserves a more sensible advocate than you.]

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