leisure 06.11.08

Hump Day

Our monthly attempt to reduce workplace productivity.

So wrong on every level: You can buy baby toupees from this California company and get a Lil' Kim thing going, or Bob Marley, Samuel L. Jackson, or, as pictured, Trump.

No shortage of computer graphics artists out there, but we've got our geek on for Alexander Preuss, whose Return to Abalakin (pictured) is pretty darn cool. Roaming the galleries is rewarding, if not exactly hopeful about the future. All the images are available to purchase as posters.

Another one from the endlessly inventive Ze Frank: here you get to create your own virtual kaleidoscope.

Do we want our building's walls to be 'kinetic ambient reflection membranes'? The Flare system, devised by a Berlin art and design company, says ja.

The Mapsters is just an ad campaign for Nokia's mapping system, but they get extra points for imagination—and their three characters (Maptor, Kiano, and 2.0)—have a high cuteness factor.

Philips uses quite a different tack: it's the sexiest ad about a robot ever.

Houston, you have a problem. This is New York calling. Get a life.

The Aftermath of Last Night's Storm:
Central Park

prospect park

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