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Hump Day

Our monthly spin around the web, part of an ongoing effort to reduce workplace productivity by 43%.

The Jump Project is a project that looks at "how human beings express themselves when they are in high spirits." Bronx native Leyla Rosario, the photographer behind the project, is onto something here — the images are terrific.

The Cloud Appreciation Society validates all those head-in-the-clouds, pie-in-the-sky moments. [Image by Rolph Haefelfinger]

They call their product Kinky Nails, though it seems to go way past kinky into pathology. But that's just us.

Bryan Berg is a Cardstacker-extraordinaire as well as the Guinness World Record Cardstacker.

Ferret teeth cleaning? You betcha — brush your ferret's teeth every day and get twice-a-year cleanings or it's off to the orthodontist.

Spend a little time up close and personal with a whale, courtesy of the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society.

Yesterday we wrote about bespoke shirts, today it's all about bespoke toast at Your Name on Toast (this one's for a good cause).
More on Custom Shirts
Several readers asked why we didn't include Seize Sur Vingt in our roundup yesterday — a store we have recommended in the past. The reason: we have received complaints about unfriendly service in the store — something we take a pretty dim view of, particularly when we're writing a service article. We welcome any additional feedback on this store.

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