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Hump Day

Peter Callesen
Most of our Hump Day suggestions have been chosen with care to help you waste a good chunk of time. But, apologies here, this Danish artist is far too talented to meet that criteria: he makes the most extraordinary small paper cut sculptures, for one thing. But we also love the floating earth installation that he installed to hover, illuminated like the moon at night, above a square in Copenhagen, and the piece called "White Wall," part of which is shown here, that allows you peeks into fantastical worlds. The video "Dreamdriving," which we have to caution is not work-safe, is funny in an appalling, cringing way — the kind of thing Ricky Gervais' David Brent ("The Office") might create if he tried his hand at video art.

Guess-the Google
We now return to our regularly-scheduled time wasters…and this one's is as good as any. You get 20 seconds to guess, from the montage of images, what word was searched. Some are easy, but not all. If you're stumped, though, they won't tell you what the right answer was, just its first letter.

Big Happy Funhouse
This is a found-photos website that we like a lot. Despite the name, not all the photos evoke happy fun: some are creepy, some demand an explanation that you'll never get, many have a sense of melancholy pervading them for the moment captured or for the sense of unrecoverable separation from their rightful owner.

Museum of Unworkable Devices
A little on the brainy side for us, but how can you resist a site that celebrates "the perverse genius of inventors who refused to let their thinking be intimidated by the laws of nature…"

The Endless Forest
Described by its creators as a 'social screensaver,' you can pass the time pleasantly in this peaceful forest as a deer. If you're into testosterone- and adrenaline-driven video games, this will be torture for you. Works on Windows only.

Best Visual Illusion of the Year Contest
The second annual contest was held last month and you can see the top 10 finalists, including the three prize winners, on the site.

Android 8
A fledgling toy company that makes limited edition figures such as Brian Taylor's vinyl Rustboy (pictured), $50. Brendan Monroe's Sour, alas, is sold out.

Sisters Grimm
A series of popular young adult books by Michael Buckley, illustrated by Peter Ferguson, they're included here because a reader tipped us to the section called Grimm Game in which The Sisters Grimm Fairy-Tale Regurgitator leads you through a Fractured Fairy Tale/Mad Libs.

Tree Cozy
As often happens online and off, the most snort-worthy ideas sometimes turn out to be full of delight — case in point, artist Carol Hummel's tree sweater that was crocheted for a tree in front of an Ohio city hall.
One More Google Thing
Google Earth, which just may be our current favorite piece of software, has Release 4 in Beta available for a free download. Warning: insanely addictive.

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